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    i agree judo is great for this kind of thing. i actually used a kind of sloppy hip throw which turned into an osoto gari with underhooks or some **** on the second guy. he didn't land hard though.

    as for fighting multiples, i think you're in trouble regardless of what you use. if someone i don't see punches me in the back of the head, doesn't matter where i am.

    in this situation, i felt i had to finish them, put them to sleep. i'll explain why.

    starting the job, i knew what kind of situations would arise. there would be fights, i was expecting that. but i also assumed that i'd have some reasonable backup to help on the job. on this night and some others, i had to work alone. at most we had 2 guards working in the club. thinking back now, that pisses me off more than anything else. it isn't reasonable to expect a single guard to stare down 6 tongans, but i did it. there were many times i could have been smashed by a group of cunts, but for whatever reason they decided not to. once for example, there were a group of guys standing in front of me, debating whether or not they should bash me and then go smash the club up. in the end they just couldn't be bothered.

    on the night i described in the story, as far as i'm concerned, i was just doing my job up until i let the guy up the first time and a crowd of people had gathered. after that point, i felt like i was potentially fighting for my life. i wanted to avoid getting knocked out and having my head stomped. i had no backup whatsoever. luckily i managed to finish both these guys within about 2 minutes, and the crowd was happy with how i conducted myself and didn't turn against me.

    i quit that job just a couple of weeks after it all happened, if i remember correctly.

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    I couldn't read the entire story, because I didn't have all night but I get your point. One thing you will learn in life, is that people are basically unrestrained animals, I included.

    The whole thing is, that without some basic set of morals, we will always gravitate to the lowest common denominator. Even with a moral structure, we have to admit our base nature and work hard at being decent humans.

    Unfortunately you worked in an industry that is a magnet for the type of behavior you described.

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    Good story, danno. I believe you did the right thing in trying to settle disputes without violence, and resorting to aggression only when you feel that the situation was going to inevitably turn bad. It's good to learn that you have also found a job that is better for your health.

    Your story kinda reminds me of a few sections from "The Little Black Book of Violence." It's a book that talks about the proper ways to handle violent situations, and how to prevent them. From what I've seen, it's a good read, and if you haven't heard of it, I highly recommend it. I believe you'll agree with alot of what is said.

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