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    Techs: Front Headlock to Side Turtle from Sprawl & Triangle From Front Headlock

    In this video series you'll see how to use the sprawl to obtain a front headlock and side turtle position in a no-gi situation. This is a good way to turn a defensive movement into an offensive opportunity. You'll also see how you can set up a triangle choke from the front head lock position.

    Defend Shot by Sprawling to Front Headlock to Side Turtle
    • When you sprawl drop your hip down on the side of the leg your opponent is attacking. This keeps him from gaining leg and hip control on that side.
    • Get you chest on their back right away.
    • Keep your legs and hips out.
    • Don't put both of your arms around they back or waist because it's easier for them to do sit outs and even pull guard.
    • If his isn't on all fours then walk your body backwards and pull him toward you.
    • Get on are around his head and the other around his arm.
    • Push his arm under his body by pushing near his elbow, not hear his tricep.
    • Transfer his arm to your hand of the arm this is around his head. Grab his arm at the bottom of his tricep near his elbow.
    • Keep your shoulder pressured down on his upper back
    Moving to Side Turtle
    • Turn to the side of the arm that is trapped.
    • Bring your free arm around your opponent's waist.
    • Drive your knee under your opponent. Will be the one that ends up closed ot his legs.
    • Get a strong harness grip on this back with your chest tight on his back and your head down.
    YouTube - Front Headlock to Side Turtle from Sprawl - Grapplers Guide

    Triangle Choke from Front Head Lock Position
    • Get tight front head lock position with your opponent's arm trapped as explained above.
    • Now instead of turning towards his trapped arm which would be the most common situation and what you would want to do most of the time. You're going to spin towards his free arm.
    • A lot of people will react by reaching their arm out and trying to stop you from getting to the side. This is just a simple reaction of them not wanting you to get their back and a lot of people will do it. There are also other ways of setting up this attaack, but this is the highest percentage insuring that you have his arm on the outside.
    • Keep his arm trapped under him.
    • You can also take your free hand and place it on top of your opponent's head and push down. This will make it much harder for him to back out and you'll have more control.
    • Then step up with your leg that he is grabbing. Step up with your other leg and sit right down.
    • His trapped arm should already be between your legs.
    • You should fall right into a Triangle Choke attack position.
    • Finish the triangle choke from there.

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    Thanks for the post. Great videos and tons of details.
    FACT- Eddie Bravo invented the triangle choke when he used it to tap out helio gracie at an ac/dc concert.



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    Whoa...dejavu we were doing this last week and this week.


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