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    In his article, The Scientific Method, Part I [COLOR=#0368ff]Arhetton[/COLO"]No BS Martial Arts - View Profile: [email protected]@[email protected]@View Profile: Arhetton</title>@@[email protected]@Arhetton, who's username is ancient gaelic for "Party Hats", breaks it down old school:

    I'm a pretty big nerd, and I'm studying to be a scientist (sort of), so to me, approaching the martial arts this way was a very natural thing to do - and eventually, it led me away from _ing _un, because I realized that for a supposed 'scientific martial art' (and you should really laugh when you see that phrase), my teachers didn't really have a clue what science was all about.

    Read it here.

    Language and Culture: Transmitting Judo, No BS Martial Arts - View Profile: [email protected]@[email protected]@View Profile: imoboy</title>@@[email protected]@imoboy shares insight into the distinction between terms and their usage with regards to the "gentle art" of throwing people onto their heads.
    Because Judo originated in Japan, the Japanese language played a large role in transmitting Judo concepts and techniques to our international sports and education communities. This type of relationship between sports and language is true for a variety of activities in other countries. Until very recently, a knowledge of basic Japanese Judo terms ensured that one could practice in a Judo dojo just about anywhere, regardless of his or her ability in the local languages. This Judo terminology created a common ground for “Jita Kyoei,” the ideals of “Mutual Benefit and Mutual Understanding.”

    Read it here!

    So yeah, these aren't exactly new, we just missed them in the queue. Apologies to all.
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    The link to Scientific Method Part 1 is not working for me .
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    There is a very valid scientific approach one can take to both training philosophy and the individual techniques. As an engineer in both training and personality, I approach my jiujitsu in a way that analyzes techniques in terms of fulcrums, material deformation and failure, and statics and dynamics.

    The problem with most martial artists who use "scientific martial art" terminology, have no working knowledge of the terms they use. They do not know what the words "power", "force", and "speed" and "acceleration" mean in a scientific or engineering sense. As a matter of fact, the most commonly confused idea that's brought up by martial artists is Newton's second law.


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