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    Quote Originally Posted by 3moose1
    lol, no.

    and any worm you'd get, you wouldn't really be able to taste, anyway.

    Microscopic, the eggs are.
    Alright that's good, next time I gotta leave the veal on a lower flame for a longer time but god damn jerk sauce makes EVERYTHING delicious. Blame my Jamaican g/f for introducing me to this wondrous heaven spice.

    Quote Originally Posted by animlmthr
    If you mean a parasitic worm, then yes you now have one; it's what you get for eating veal.
    lulz, the bloody misery flesh was worth it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Miracleman
    Kyuki-Do! Now there's a name I haven't heard on here in a while...

    (lol, it sounds like "cookie dough," geddit?!)
    That joke is seriously half the reason I quit! Seriously! My friends would say "Hey, Dunkel, you in martial arts. What is it you take?"

    "Kyuki Do"

    "Cookie Dough?"

    "No, Kyuki Do."

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    Years ago sparred with a big fucker who outweighed me by about 80 lbs (I was 200 lbs at the time, he was 280 and about 6 inches taller). He came in with an slow open palm to the chest. Since it was slow grabbed his arm, wrapped my legs about him and tried to basically armbar him while he was still standing (I did say he was a BIG fucker. Not fat, a big big guy.).

    Though I managed to bring him down to the ground, apparently he still "won" since as he told it, if he had made contact with that open palm strike to my chest my heart would've ruptured.... So by not hitting me, he saved my life.

    What a load :pottytrai

    Of course, he probably would've ruptured more things if he sat on me.

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    I( really doubt you have anything from eating veal....

    PROOF that I'm not a completely useless poster:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cy Q. Faunce
    3moose1 is correct. Sig THAT, you fucker.

    Quote Originally Posted by sochin101 View Post
    I went out with a delightful young woman who was on a regimen of pills that made her taste of burned onions.
    That is not conducive to passionate cunnilingus, my friend, let me assure you.
    Quote Originally Posted by HappyOldGuy View Post
    I agree with moosey

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    When i was 16 and training shotokan karate we use to do the usual **** sparring:

    * Pulling hits an inch in front of their face because 'if you can purposefully not hit someone you will have better control to hit someone in a fight'
    * Point sparring because you only need one hit to finish a fight, training to throw more would mean you'd kill someone.

    Then right before i left they decided that it was in fact too dangerous to continue sparring this way with only gloves and shinpads so they introduced a lovely new compulsory chestguard and headgear (90$ each). Right about then was when i go into my first real fight, realised all i knew how to do was throw poor straight punches and that i'd been scammed.

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    I spent time in the ATA as a child. It ruined any ability I might ever have to fight standing up.
    "a martial art that has no rules is nothing but violence" - Kenji Tomiki

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    When I did TKD, the instructor used to earnestly tell us the old "Koreans created flying kicks so they could kick attacking soldiers off their horses" and I took it as gospel for years.

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    When I moved back home for the summer after my freshman year in college I started training at the local tkd mcdojo. Now I had just gotten back from college where I had been on the campus security dept. We did weekly training in the standard law enforcement use of force techniques, but we also spent a lot of time on boxing.

    I was doing light line sparring with a some 15 yr old red belt (he got his bb while I was there). So i'm doing my thing, getting in and throwing some combos to the head.

    "uh, we don't do that here".

    ok. no head shots, got it.

    I come in again and try to throw in some knee strikes..

    "uh, we don't do that either".

    I quit shortly after, but on the bright side, I can still do the "huricane" kick, because a jumping creasent kick is teh d34dly.


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    At a Moon Festival where I was part of a lion dance, I was standing at a booth we had set up. An old guy started talking to me about his previous martial arts training. He said he trained under an old school kung fu master in Thailand. I asked if the guy was related to Wong Kiew Kit or Shaolin Wahnam in general, because he spoke of a famous kung fu master in Thailand, and Wong Kiew Kit fits the bill and teaches very traditional kung fu. The old man had never heard of him. Anyway, the guy told me about how back in the day he would have to break cinder blocks, and that his master fought in several death matches. In fact, his master's signature move was the flying scissor kick, which he used to snap his opponents' spines. I politely nodded as his story continued to move closer and closer to anime status. He mentioned kempo, and that his fist was hardened to break things. He told me to feel his fist. I did, and it was in no way remarkable. "Wow" I said. Someday, he told me, I could attain such feats if I kept on training long enough.

    I was walking down the beach in Torrey Pines state park, and a few miles into my trek I picked up a piece of bamboo. I started swinging it around like a douchebag as I walked along, thinking I was pretty much by myself. A shirtless dude asks me what kind of martial arts I do. I tell him. He had been doing martial arts for twelve years, achieving black belts in American kempo and tae kwon do. He told me he'd give me some advice on how to make my martial arts much better. First of all, I needed to cross train in boxing once or twice a week. He explained how American kempo is 1/2 boxing already (it isn't and I knew it, but didn't want to act rude). Next, I had to have a go to combination to fight with. Like a Mortal Combat ten move combination. Also, you should learn from every source you can- he recently learned from a movie he called "oong boong" which seemed to be Ong Bak (which had recently come out). He then demonstrated his martial arts mastery, with some very slow snap kicks and side kicks. I acted appropriately impressed and continued on my way, feeling good about myself.

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    When I moved I was looking around for a new gym to join and lo and behold there was a place a few miles from me. So I called up and asked about their boxing program and got the usual spiel about prices, times etc. I forgot to ask the specifics of the class and when I showed up it was mostly middle aged women and kids Boxercising.

    To be fair though, they never claimed they were there to build fighters and people did seem to be having a good time. Later when I talked to the instructor (a pretty young woman) about whether or not there were times/classes when fight training takes place, she just smiled and said that I would be better off going some place else.

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