I decided to order a shureido recently because i was sick and tired of my floppy, ill fitting Century Gi i got for free my first day of class. I ordered the TK-10 from my sensei and received it on the day of my orange belt test, what better way to try out your new Gi than a belt test? The minute you open the bag of a shureido and feel the fabric you know its the real deal. The Shureido TK-10 is made of No. 10 Japanese Cotton Canvas, the weight of it is perfect its not too heavy and not too light, it gives incredible snap with every punch and every kick. You would expect that such a heavy Gi would get too hot but the TK-10 is loose enough that its breathable and never gets to hot. It fits true to size, the only bad thing i can think of is the traditional draw string pants come with an enormous waist but you tighten them to your size no problem. The tournament cut comes with shorter sleeves, a longer jacket, and shorter pants. The attention to detail in the stitching and cut is incredible with proper care this Gi would last you a life time. I got my Shureido for $140.00 by my sensei but this Gi normally sells for $200.00, either way to price might seem steep but when you put it on you know its worth it. I tested for my orange in this gi and i cant wait to test for my black in this gi, its truly superior to anything else and anyone looking for more in there Gi should look to Shureido first.