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    US Team for Sambo Worlds

    I want to make a wonderful announcement!

    Reilly Bodycomb (of NY Combat Sambo and Remix Combat Sambo) has been selected to fill the 68kg spot on the team representing the United States at the 2008 World Championships in St. Petersburg, Ruusia on November 13-17. I will also be attending as an Assistant coach.

    Head Coach and multiple time world medallist in combat sambo, Oleg Savitsky, has worked very hard to put together a solid team of strong American sambists for both the Combat and Sport Sambo teams.

    I am proud to say that several team members are also members of the ASA! I will soon have the full team roster to post here. However, also scheduled to be on the teams are Vladislav Koulikov (of Ultimate Sambo) who is also an ASA member.

    This years team represents one of the best US Teams in years and the ASA is very glad to be working with the AASF and Oleg in this endeavor! After many years of splits within the US Sambo community, this team represents a breakthough of old barriers and a strong move toward a unified US Sambo community!
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