Strikeforce: Payback
Oct 03, 2008

Location: Broomfield, Co - Broomfield Event Center

  • Duane "Bang" Ludwig vs. Sammy Morgan
  • Frank Trigg vs. Falaniko Vitale
  • Pete Spratt vs. Donnie Liles
  • Phil Baroni vs. TBA
  • Luke Caudillo vs. Billy Evangelista
  • Patrick Barry vs. Andre Walker
  • Brandy Nerney vs. Michelle Watterson
Supposed to be televised on HDNet too. I'm not too excited about the card but there's a fighter from my academy making his MMA debut on the undercard. He's having some problems finding an opponent as the first 3 guys they picked for him backed out.

Duane is a cool guy from what I hear. I lost some respect for Frank Trigg after that pro wrestling stunt but I understand needing the money. Pete Spratt could be an ok fight. I could do without Phil Baroni though.

I love women's MMA, so I'm hoping Brandy and Michelle put on a good show.