this is a review of The Dojo in Oceanside CA. It is primarily a Kenpo school that offers chinese and japanese directions in kenpo. there are many classes available. there are kids classes, adult classes, fitness/conditioning/cardio classes, weapons classes, grappling classes, and mma classes. monthly cost will depend on which classes you take. There is also usually some type of discount promotion going on such as referral programs etc..

Not being a kid ive never attended a kids class but i have seen the tail end of a few of them and can tell you Sensei Polack has way more patience than me and is excellent with kids.

The Cardio/conditioning class is good for people looking to get in shape without necissarily devoting themselves to a martial art. it focuses on bodyweight exercises with circuit drills for improving strength and endurance.

The adult kenpo classes go from beginner (white to orange belt) where you learn basics of punching, kicking, etc.... to advanced, purple belt and higher. once you reach purple belt more emphasis is placed on tradtion as you will decide if you want to take a more traditional chinese or japanese approach. classes will also include aspects from various othe martial arts like akido, escrima etc, and get into basic gun/knife attaker defenses. upper belt classes also begin to work more with weapons training. Sparring for the karate classes is regular point type sparring of live sparring with bag gloves, head gear, shin/instep protectors and chest protectors.

This is not a BJJ school but grappling classes are offered. they start out with a review and practice of a technique with rolling free sparring after with an emphasis on that technique. ex. we go over the armbar, discuss position, set up etc then roll trying to apply it. after that we discuss what worked, what didnt, variations then do more free sparring rolling. this is probably the most physically demanding of the classes. because of the fact that this is NOT a JJ school there is no belt system here for JJ/BJJ. everyone wears a Camo belt. you find out how good you are buy sparring and entering grappling tournaments. i recently took 3rd in the 205 class for the grappling x tourny held on august 9th in escondido and will be competing again mid oct in san diego (hopefully i do a bit better) this class primarily focusses on grappling with a gi.

the MMA class is almost all sparring. safety gear is mouth gaurd, cup, and 4oz. gloves. (you can wear more if ya want) its emphasis is on actual fighting techniques and refining your skills and an emphasis placed on no-gi grappling techniques. in this class you will get bumps and bruises.

my only real complaints are size of the floor (i wish there was more room) and lack of competition. its a pretty new school so the student base is still pretty small (especially for the grappling/mma classes.... everyone wants to be a bad ass fighter no one wants to take a punch) and due to my size experiance and athletic background the sparring is usually pretty one sided.

if yer looking for a place to train thats has more to offer that just "G n P" give it a look, i can always use more/different sparring partners