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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkarate
    Let me say this..I DO agree that 8 year old kids should NOT be wearing a black belt. In my school, we do not give black belts easily at ALL. The students truly have to EARN them and you have to be a minimum age of 15 to even test for your black belt in my school and then, you need to PASS the test and our test is VERY hard. Also..I have been doing martial arts for 38 years and I started in Seoul, Korea while I was in the military. I dont need to prove anything on this site to anyone. I am real, my black belts I EARNED are real, my TEACHINGS are real. I HAVE proved myself over and over and over again in martial arts. My school is also NOT money oriented. Never has been, never will be. Yes, there is a small monthly fee, but thats only to pay the rent on my building. We have NO testing fees like MOST schools. If parents and students can not TRULY afford my small fee, we teach them free. but are checked out to make sure they can NOT afford classes. I am very lucky to have a building landlord that agrees with me that its better to have kids in karate class than hanging around on the street and to have adults in my class rather than just sitting at home doing nothing, and gives me a really good rate on my building. Yes, I have been critisized at times because I dont charge for belt tests, but I do believe that rank should be an honor and not an expense. About the girl that asked me if i was into women,... YES..very much so..
    I'm sorry, but I have been looking for the perfect opportunity to whore this pic:
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    ^^ C.M. there needs some angry eyebrows shopped in, then it'd be perfect.

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