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    piggy back control escapes

    A few months ago I was asked how to escape piggy back control. standing back control with hooks in.

    I dont think I've ever been shown any true escapes from this position. was Just wondering what ideas others in the grappling community had.

    so far the main ones i have are tring to remove a hook for the shoulder throw and going to ground for the back control escape.

    neither is really ideal when you try to remove the hook you are exposed to rnc and going to ground feels like i'm moving into a worse position than I was already in (although I actually know escapes from there)

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    Well, I read a Medieval Italian book that suggested running backwards to smash your opponent against "the nearest boards or timbers" if someone has grabbed you from behind. In Jiu-jitsu I'd say posture & shake, just like shaking off a closed guard when standing, or sit down & work your escape on the ground.


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