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    wado kai

    Japanese Karate of North Denver (Wado Kai karate)

    Japanese karate of north Denver is not
    a walk in the park, unlike some other
    karate schools, JKND gives commands
    in traditional japanese, and again unlike
    alot of other dojos, JKND is no belt factory,
    average time to earn a black belt attending class
    2-3 times a week is 5-6 years, also, belts are not
    just handed out at testing, one false step and YOU
    WILL FAIL the test. and last but certenly not least
    unlike most other dojos, JKND places heavy focus on
    timing, footwork, and reaction.

    Testing consists of basics, Kihon (one step sparring)
    Kata, and Kumite (sparring) belts are not awarded the
    day of testing, every student is reveiwed, scored, and
    scores are posted the week after testing with scores
    scores are as follows A.A---A---P.P---B.P---F
    no belt is awarded for B.P or F

    JKND trains students for tournament sparring,
    Kata practice and the meaning behind the movements
    street defence(including multiple assailent defence)

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    I visited this Dojo and seriously thought about attending. From what I gathered of the style, it's quite 'Hard' oriented with lower kicks, like Shotokan, but with more finesse to the techniques.

    The instructor's English was mediocre at best, but he was able to demonstrate what he wanted effectively and communicated well in the classroom setting.

    The school was very clean and seemed to have well cared for equipment. I felt the training floors were a little bit small, but easily held the 9-10 students attending the class I watched.

    While there, the students were practicing line drills. Stikes and blocks with other short combinations. There were two older Black Belt Students right infront of the window where I observed the class. IMHO, their techniques were a little loose, but that could have been part of the style.

    Based on my observations I would definitely recommend this school to someone looking for very traditional training in a hard and linear Japanese Art.

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    Wow, this is a fantastic review except for all those 10s.

    Striking 10? You train K-1 fighters and world-class open karate competitors?

    Equipment 10? Doesn't sound like the facility warrants it.

    Aliveness 10? Line basics, kata, and one-step sparring? BZZZZZZT.

    Sub-10 scores do not denigrate the school. What makes a school review look bad is blatant disregard for the ratings standards. Check out how the ratings should go:
    RATINGS: How Do Aliveness.....does your school look like this? - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

    That being said, I do appreciate that you state how long a black belt should take, and the type of classes and testings that you offer. Your description of class is nice too. If there were an explanation of sparring rules I'd say you'd be golden (along with fixing the 10s).
    What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. -Xenophon's Socrates

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    *waving hands* Not my ratings. Heck, I don't even know how to post a numbered rating. I'd say those scores are pretty accurate. Aliveness, I'd give it an 8 and equipment a 5 or 6 (only because the last place I attended had a full on gym in it with ton's of bags etc.). Also, gym size, I'd bump down to a 5 or 6.


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