" I think the sport has really taken off and uh,,yes, the marketing has been well done and uh..and um..and uh..um..uh ..uh.."
Irritating when people talk like that and often means they are trying to feed you a line of crap.
But sometimes its just because they are nervous or just not very articulate..in Oscar's case, we know he IS articulate when he needs to be. So the UMs and UHs mean he is avoiding the question and trying to whip off as much BS as he can as quickly as he can, hoping that the initial question doesn't get asked again.
Make no mistake..Oscar is a businessman. And his smiling face shouldn't fool people into believing he is not an opportunist in the mold of Don King, Lou Duva and other promoters who have raped the sport of Boxing for all it is worth.
He may not be as underhanded as King, but who knows?
The idea of him as an MMA fighter is laughable. I am sure there are lots of guys who would love to make a mess of that pretty face of his.