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    :evil6: Been savin' those for a rainy day, Razamatazz?

    Quote Originally Posted by theotherserge
    3. don't **** with teh Razamatazz!!

    Quote Originally Posted by KayRoc
    Read the FAQ on the cross fit website, I am not really sure what you are asking... Its a good program is all I can say. Find a place that posts regular WOD's.
    Word. Done.
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    The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. Our terrorist hunters, skiers, mountain bike riders and housewives have found their best fitness from the same regimen.
    This is my only issue I have with crossfit. It lacks specificity, and it tries to state that specificity is not needed for an athlete. Frankly, that idea is BS. The kind of training an olympic sprinter needs is entirely different from that of a maraton runner, is different from a powerlifter is different from an olypic lifter is different from a pole vaulter, etc etc. I wholly beleive that crossfit is a great program to develop your GPP, and if you have no specific training goal, is prolly one of the better approaches. However, once your training begins to have a specific purpose (trying to grab that 1500lb total, or refine your outer quad sweep, or develop a better left hook, etc etc) then your training is going to start to deviate into the realm of specificity.

    The idea that the only difference between a housewife's training and an olympic athletes is just the intensity is downright absurd. But marketing is marketing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emevas
    The idea that the only difference between a housewife's training and an olympic athletes is just the intensity is downright absurd. But marketing is marketing.
    Exactly. I gotta say, I checked out some of their vids and it's pretty intense. I never heard of them til this thread. There's one less than a mile from my house that's offering a free bootcamp session. I think I'll check it out this w/e. Fairly expensive, though.

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    definitely a GPP program, but that's what I'm after. For specifics, I'm training in SAMBO. But being 40 and training in a hard grappling&striking style is taking its toll on me.

    Having trained in Russia, I was totally impressed with the overall fitness of the atheletes. Generally, Russian kids are put into gymnastics and this forms their baseline. That the crossfit founder was also a gymnast interests me greatly.

    So the GPP that Crossfir provides-sans KoolAid- is a good routine for me. Plus they have 6am classes which is the only time I can spare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milkshake
    Ok, you got me there. I said "no returns", when i meant "there were no recent threads discussing Crossfit in general."
    Sure, there are threads on specific Crossfit workouts, but that hardly helps. I'm not going to dig up a months-old thread and get flamed when i could just ask about some Bullshido'ers recent experience with it. So, if you have some insight into the program share with me. Otherwise, GTFO.
    What the bloody **** are you talking about? The last fitness-specific thread mentioning crossfit is dated August 24, barely less than a month.

    And let's assume indeed there were no "new" threads (which is not true), what else would you expect? That people's experiences with it, good or bad would be somehow different then and now, in just a manner of months? Last time I fucking checked, the human body and its capacity to respond to training do not change that much in such a matter of months.

    If you can't get yourself to dig the information presented in the threads herein, good **** that has been discussed ad nauseam, then YOU get the **** out. We want posters mentally capable of doing their own homework, their own research. That's the type of people that can get **** done and contribute material of value for the collective good. Anything else is just noise and time-wasters. We don't need time-wasters creating a new thread for some **** already covered in sufficient details, that contributes nothing and that only presents a beaten deadhorse question asked and answered a zillion times.

    Thread closed.
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