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    Training in brazil...

    Hey guys,

    I luckily have a job that allows me to work from anywhere in the world. I've been planning on going to Brazil for several (or more) months, starting in August primarily for training, but I'll be working at the same time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on (preferably) cheap flats in Rio? Since my school back home is GB, I'll probably be training at GB Rio, but I'm open to other places depending on location etc (still waiting to hear back from GB people).

    Any other suggestions? I'm a pretty well seasoned traveler, so try to keep it Brazil or BJJ specific please.

    Thanks! (hopefully this is the right forum--sorry if it's not)
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    If you're going to be around the Barra da Tijuca area, Samfoo, I'd advise you to look at training at Gordo's. GB is definitely not what it used to be since Carlinhos and many of the other black belts left for pastures more prosperous, according to my training partners and instructor. Ze Beleza's is apparently pretty awesome as well (he's also a Barra guy).

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    Try to look for Kentucky Fried Choking or my posts on the topic, read my blog if you want. We are currently both in Brazil/SaoPaulo training, if you have any specific questions or need something, shot me or him a PM...
    For GB, I would not suggest to go there, unfortunately the top players are not training there anymore but having schools in the US or on their own. Don't narrow it down to just one school, go there and try as much as you can.
    Also make sure that you get your visa fixed or get a student visa if you plan to say longer than 6 months.
    PS: To bad we both leave end of this month, but I will be back around December...
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    This is the website of an American brown belt who trains at Gordo's in Barra. The training is damn good, the part of the city is pretty safe and nice, they are GB-friendly and generally friendly all round.

    Dennis can fix you up with training, tours, accomodation, anything, really.


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