2008 Nor Cal Pankration & IKF Kickboxing Championships III
August 23, 2007
Perry’s Athletic Training Center
962 Golden Gate Terrace
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Promoted by Jody and Jay Perry

Juniors – Flyweight
1st Caleb Depello – Next Generation, Sacramento
2nd Michael Elliott – Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley

Juniors – Featherweight (Exbition)
1st Joseph Morales- Ultimate Fitness, Sacramento
2nd Rico Stephenson- Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley

Juniors – Bantamweight
1st Christian Carlson- Kerzel’s MMA, Colfax
2nd Michael Walsh- Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley

Juniors – Lightweight
1st Josh Paivia- JL Boxing, Fairfield
2nd Devon Herrera- Perry’s Full Circle., Grass Valley
3rd Talon Cook- Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley

Womans Banamweight
1st Stephanie Corbitt- Ultimate Fitness, Sacramento
2nd Ayamel Yokomito- Yokomito’s, Rocklin

Womans Welterweight
1st Nadia Clark- Ronin Academy, Oakland
2nd Berlyn Hale – Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley

Womans Lt.heavyweight
1st Xhla Sepuneda- Marinobles, Roseville
2nd Akasha Dykes – Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley

Womans Heavyweight
1st Rachelle Geddes- Marinobles, Roseville
2nd Melissa Annis – Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley
3rd Alisha Annis- Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley

Mens – Fin weight
1st Dakota Cook- Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley

Mens- Flyweight
1st Cass Blakenship-USA Submission Academy, Corona

Mens – Featherweight
1st Adam Pasionlaiani- Santa Rosa
2nd Mike Diaz- Sac BJJ Academy, Roseville
3rd Nathon Ng-GSD Gym, Fremont

Mens Batamweight
1st Jesus Barba- Sacramento Judo Club, Sacramento
2nd William Everhart- UTC, Colfax
3rd Ricardo Agoilera- Soquel

Mens Adv. Batamweight
1st Victor Moreno- Team Endurance, Modesto

Mens Lightweight
1st Nick Wilson- Ronin Academy, Oakland

Mens Adv. Lightweight
1st Josh Dixon- Thornton
2nd Alex Woodmansee- Team Endurance, Modesto

Mens Welterweight
1st Sergio Hermosiello- Team Endurance, Modesto
2nd Delbridge Russell- USA Submission Academy, Corona

Mens Adv. Middleweight
1st Christopher Lation- CIA Paulista, Sacramento
2nd Dan Myers- Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley
3rd Dustin Atkins- Valley Spring

Mens Adv. Lt. Heavyweight
1st Julian Guerroro-IMS, Santa Cruz
2nd James Bancroft- Perry’s Full Circle, Grass Valley
3rd Beau Majewski- Elk Grove

Advanced – Heavyweight
1st Drew Valadez-IMS, Santa Cruz
2nd Clark Wright- Auburn
3rd Robert Vazquez- Team Endurance, Modesto


September 20, 2008
LA Boxing
1640 S. State St,
Orem Utah
Weigh in – Sat 7am – 9am
Tournament – Sat 10am – 3 pm
$40 pre-registration
$50 at the door.
Call LA Boxing at 801 765-1BOX or Contact Chuck Costello @ [email protected]

October 19 2008
Page Youth Center
4540 Hollister Avenue,
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Contact Mike McDonald @ [email protected] , Ph# 805-687-1514

October 26, 2008
$60 entry fee. $30 if also competing in the Jiu jitsu or No Gi the day before
Los Oso's High School , Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Contact Jeff Frater @ [email protected]

November 9, 2008
SEE www.fightleague.org