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    Now he is injured, but I will say it anway. What is up with these pro/ammy fight duckers?

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    Spoke with one of Rich Franklin's trainers. He personally has never heard of Richard Cumpson and has already put a call out to Rich Franklin inquiring about it. If I hear anything more I'll post it here.

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    yeah he was a no show for the nfc fight couple of good fights that night wish he woulda been there

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    Wow i knew the minute i saw this guy walking around the gym there was something not right.

    I train currently at Harbor Kickboxing in San Pedro CA. which is now called Warrior Culture Combat Sports under Ed wedding and Sifu Brad Olsen

    I always had these questions in my mind "where are these credentials of all these claims?" unfortunatly we have no answers but everyone who trains here is skeptical about his belts sashes and kru legitamicy.
    He is currently working at the gym feel free to call and ask for Ed Wedding or Brad Olsen im pretty sure if you have any information debunking these eronious claims they would like to know, Meanwhile im printing out this thread and sending it to them.

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    liar liar

    Quote Originally Posted by kamauchi View Post
    Hey Daniel. I would definitely question this guy. He showed up at my husband's dojo about 4 months ago claiming the same qualifications. However, most of his stories were inconsistent and we eventually kicked him out of the dojo for trying to teach his crap to our students. Just as a side note, he claimed to have a fight record but our white and yellow belt students were kicking his ass. I would think being a black belt he would be way more skilled than that. Let me know if you want more information on our experience with him.

    Please send me your husbands contact info i have questions on your experience with him


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    Alright, I had gotten to know Richard and I can tell you a few things he told me. Whether or not they are true remains to be seen.
    I can tell you one thing, he sure is good with his words and knows how to twist things around easily so that they can sound like the truth, when they are in fact false.
    He claims to have been a Navy seal sniper. He said he had honorable discharge or something another due to not following a direct order due to endangering people's lives or something.
    He is now 32, works at Warrior Culture which used to be called Harbor Kickboxing. Claims to have won 27 matches and lost 4, 1 by decision. Clearly more than likely false numbers to impress me after I have read all of this.
    He's supposedly worked on cars/for a race car team. I believe it was mentioned before.
    He used to go by Haaker until someone in the family didn't want him going by that name or whatever so he went back to Cumpson.
    He said he was born in Ireland and then lived in Japan before coming over here where he mainly lived in El Segundo.
    He also claims to work as a fight choreographer for various movies and has stated he knows various actors such as the guy that plays Snake eyes from G.I. Joe.
    I call BS, but whatever.
    I lied to me about various things, so I believe that he could lie about his records and skill set as well.

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    He is listed as an instructor on the Warrior culture combat sports website
    warriorculturecombatsports dot com

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    Quote Originally Posted by munkone View Post
    He is listed as an instructor on the Warrior culture combat sports website
    warriorculturecombatsports dot com
    Their site says their grand opening isn't until Saturday though.

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    Yeah, not defending him in the slightest, but it is true. He IS an instructor there, it's technically been open for a while now under their old name, but with the new name and new look, its "grand" opening is Saturday.

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