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    "Sweeping" a heavy bag is a good way to tweak your knees. Do the paper towel sweep instead. I learned the hard way.

    Another good exercise is to take a gi jacket and toss it over a chin-up bar or tree limb and do pull-ups while working your grip strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadmeat View Post
    So far I only have a few that I'm doing regularly, but I'm always looking for new/better alternatives.
    I'll suggest to include combo solo training in your daily drills such as:

    - Koshi Guruma, Quchi Gari
    - O Guruma, Osoto Gari
    - ...

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    The punching bag does make an effective grappling dummy doing some ground drills, like maintaining pressure when switching sides or passing guard, not to mention bridge and roll.

    Also, shadow boxing except with a more judo flavor, has worked well for me. Its a chance to work out ashi combos, entering and exiting, foot work, flow and timing. you also can develope scenerios in your mind whilst your drilling which will help prepare your mind for quick decision making in less forgiving situations. i like to do the tire tube uchikomi type stuff separate from this, but it does help to even further breakdown technique and foot work.

    In resistance training, putting a gi/towel/belt through a kettlebell/weight plate can be used to improve grip/arm/pulling strength when doing exercises like rows, shrugs, deadlifts. KBs in general are good for martial arts and i highly recommend them. Oh yes, squatting the aforementioned heavy bag is amongst the many different uses i can come up with for using the much maligned bag. instead of the paper towel, ashi a weight plate pushing it. 25lbs and under works well, more than that and you might as well start doing it with the heavy bag again.

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