I spent a week out in California and attended 3 classes at Hollywood BJJ. This is just a quick review in case anyone want to PM Me or add to the review.

This was a very good traditional BJJ school. 2 of the 3 classes I took there were taught by one of their purple belts. The last class I took there was by Shawn.

Since the classes are typical of a BJJ school (cardio warmup/technique/drill/roll) I will skip the details.

The instruction at the school was top notch. The purple who was teaching the class was solid and made sure everyone got the technique. HBJJ is a very detail oriented school which places very strong emphasis on fundamentals. I must say that I was very impressed with the quality of their white belts. Even those who had not been training long avoided many of the bad habits/instincts it takes some people a year to get rid of/unlearn.

Everyone was very friendly and the student ratio of students to rank was very good. There were enough blue and purples to learn from and enough whites to practice on.

There is also ample time to roll. At each of the classes I attended there was at least 45 minutes to roll at the end of class.

Sorry this is so short. I hate writing reviews, but had such a good time at this school and was so impressed I just wanted to give them some credit. Maybe I'll write more when I am less tired.