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    YMAS Runoff: "Green Cloud Kung Fu" - Gus Kaparos

    Quote Originally Posted by SifuRafael
    Time to clear the air! By Sifu Rafel R. Gomez

    I started training in Martial Arts in 1975 with my friends father who was a Sensei, I

    trained privately for about 6 months and then joined a weekly kung fu group. We meet
    in the basement of a church in Jamaica Queens 2 times per week.

    I became involved with the Chan Tai San school in Mineola in 1989 and sign on with
    Sifu Gus Kaparos. I attended regularly and received a black sash from day one.
    That's how they did it back then. We trained very hard. I eventually trained with
    Michael Parella. Paralla and Kaparos had distinct methods of teaching. They would
    tell their students that they were doing something wrong, because that's not how they
    did it. In other words, one would teach it one way and the other would say that was
    wrong. I was hard to decipher the correct way. Like I said they first gave every new
    member a black sash and then after a while would hand the student a different belt
    color. Even Chan Tai San would proudly wear different color belts and wear them proudly.

    The training was hard core, I was lucky since that's the only way I know to
    train. The members were top notch. I had asked Parella if I could learn a
    particular sword form and he told me to go learn it from the other students.
    During my training I under with Chan Tai San just like any student who was there when he was. He lived in Brooklyn and someone would have to go and get him and then take him back
    home. Parella found it a burden to have to take Chan Tai San home and would recruit
    anyone with a car who would be willing to drive our Grandmaster home. Most new
    members thought of it an honor and would jump at the opportunity to take him home. I
    was one of them, and willing to do it anytime I was asked.

    The second time I drove Chan Tai San home he asked that we stop in Flushing to eat and I paid for dinner. When we got to his house I thought I was just dropping him off, but Chan Tai San had other plans. He asked me to "come in", I met his wife and he offered me a large bowl
    of tea. This was around midnight. Then he trained me for 1 1/2 hours. I was in
    So yes, I was asked plenty of times to drive Chan home and did not mind it at all. Usually everytime I took him home he trained me, but first we stopped in Flushing to eat,
    which I always paid. Many a time we would pull up to the restaurant and they would be closing, as soon as they saw it was Chan Tai San they would pull the gate up and the waiters and cook would get out of their cars and make us dinner.

    After a while Chan asked that I go to his house during the day, which I did and
    train. So yes I had extensive training with one of the Great ones.
    Getting back to my training at the Mineola school. I went dilligently and even

    became really good friends with Sifu Gus. We would go out to clubs, dinner and
    sometimes I would even sleep at his house on the couch. We had a great time
    together, he was down to earth and a real person! Unlike "Master Parella" who would
    look to get what he could out of anyone he came across. I would say that he is first a master of screwing everyone over.

    Chan Tai San used to call him a snake and say he was no good. Parella would have his students clean the school and do all sorts of favors for him. Most did it because they thought they were
    getting in on the inner circle until they realized they were being used.
    Michael Parella damaged alot of great people who would have been great in our
    industry. He would screw them at every chance he got for his selfish gains. He even used Chan, he took pictures with Chan and then put those pictures of himself and Chan in Inside Kung Fu. When Chan found out, he was furious and Parella tried to bribe him. Chan entered the training floor and threw Parella the money in his face in front of the whole class.

    In the December 1994 Issue of Inside Kung Fu Parella takes credit for co-writing the “Green Cloud Choy Lei Faht” article. He did not write it at all. It was Sifu David’s article and Parella used it. David Schwarts and I were featured instructors on the article. Somehow Parella got his hands on the article and submitted to Inside Kung Fu before Sifu David had the chance.

    My parting of ways with Gus Kaparos and then with Michael Parella. Gus and Mike had plenty of fights and even tried to kill each other. There was an incident were one tried to run the other over with their car. Here's where I was used, I was told that they were opening another school in Massapequa. Since I worked in the Architectural/design industry I was asked to go
    see the space in Massapequa. I gave them sketches of a layout and then eventually
    designed the Massapequa school. What I was not told, was that Gus and Parella were
    splitting up and I would have to choose who to go with.

    At first I went with Gus and kept in touch with Parella who was not happy about me
    going with Gus. Parella promised me more than Gus was offering and I was not
    thrilled with the way things were going at Gus's new school. So I went with Parella-huge mistake! I eventually opened a School for Parella along with David Schwartz in 1992 on Merrick Road in Merrick. Now starts the drama. Michael told Daivd S. and myself that if we
    opened the school and worked it for 2 years then we could buy it from him at a set

    At the time Parella had a girlfriend Karen who was very nice and very nieve.
    Parella would come to the Merrick school and stop by for 5-10 minutes and then
    dissapear and would return several hours later. He insisted that if Karen called to
    tell her he was training someone or with a client. David S. and I figured it out, he
    had an affair with one of the hairdressers down the block. He even was there the day
    before he married Karen! I only mentioned this to show you what kind of snake he
    really is and always will be.

    David S. and I went to a Marial Arts retreat in California with Parella, who was
    wearing a wig at the time, he was so vain that he would get up early so we could not see him without his pet. One night we went out and Parella left with two old
    ladies who were between 55-60, at least that's what I thought at the time, I was in my
    twenties. He came back with lipstick all over him and on his clothes, While being
    married to Karen.

    At the convention he had us help him create forms that we should start teaching to beginners. More Karate oriented. Nothing wrong with Karate, I personally think that karate and Kung Fu do not mix well. Any way that's what we had to start to teach beginners so they would not quit. I was very upset since I had not signed up to teach Karate. So he thought we could start them on the form with one or two Kung Fu moves and then an H or I kata and then finish with a few Kung Fu moves. Sad I know, his feeling was that they would not know the difference.

    I have had a few of his students come to my school and tell me they were looking for a real Kung Fu school and would like to keep their high rank belt. I would ask them to show me some forms and it would be Parella’s own Kung Fu if you know what I mean. I informed them that if they went to China they would not recognize any form they did and therefore I could not let them be deceived at my school and would only be able to wear their high ranking belt once they I fixed all their forms.

    His lack of respect of others and Chan Tai San was very disturbing to me. He would promise many things and never deliver. He became very angry with me because I started a Demo team and would train then on my day off-Sundays. He yelled at me because they were getting free training. Meanwhile when we did demonstrations at the Merrick school for the street fair he was a no show and neither was David S. I had to use some of the new students to do an all day event and then had Parella tell me that if Karen asked that he was there.

    David S. and I had built the Merrick school up to 170 students in one year and 9
    months. We had only three more moths before we could buy the school from Parella.
    He was making lots of money from the Merrick school and told me that I had to be
    there from 9 AM to 9 PM 6 Days a week. I asked him if he was willing to pay me an
    equivalent salary and he said no and that there was no other way. Either I did what
    he wanted or I had to step aside and let someone else step in. I needed to pay rent
    and bills so I stepped aside. What a snake I only had three months left. He did the
    same thing to David S. a short time later. So we both lost the opportunity to
    purchase the school. When we first came to the agreement about the Merrick school, I
    asked for a written contract and Parella wigged out, LOL wigged out. Anyway he said
    how dare I even bring it up, that he was my sifu and I should take his word as gold.
    I really learned my lesson, never deal with a snake again without proper paper work!
    I offered to help out at the Merrick school anyway and Parella saw me as a threat
    and invited a bunch of the Merrick members to lunch which he did not pay for and bad
    mouthed me. How do I know, the idiot invited my girlfriend who trained at the
    Merrick school, he knew she was my girlfriend because I introduced her to him before she started training there. After that I just parted ways and did not return to the Merrick school.

    I was approached by some students to train them privately. Parella got wind of this and
    left a threatening voice mail...That was it all bark no bite.

    Parella would tell us how he was Chan Tai San's no. 1 student and he would put all
    his other training brothers down. He would tell us how they were not as good as he
    was. Parella had set up an instructors class at 5:30 AM every moring and we would train
    for some time. We started with about ten guys and then it dwindle to just a few of

    One morning Sifu David Ross stopped by the Mineola school and we had all been
    fighting. Sifu David wanted to fight as well, so Parella told him he could fight
    Joe Rubino. After Sifu David Ross left Parella tore him up and said how he sucked.
    Funny Parella only fought a select few who he knew would not hurt him. He never,
    ever fought me or others....I wonder why...Oh I know, did not want to be embarrased
    in front of his own students!

    Once I was done with Parella, I sought the one student of Chan Tai San whom Chan Tai San told me was the best. Sifu Steven Ventura. While studying with sifu Ventura I have gotten a few pointers from Sifu David Ross and even learned the Fan form from Sifu Stephen Innocenzi. As a matter of fact, they all came out to my old school Red Dragon Kung Fu Center in Plainview and did seminars with me. Sifu David Ross came a few times to the Red Dragon school.

    When I first started training with Sifu Steven V. I had to re-evaluate all my prior training. There were so many problems sifu Steve helped me fix. He was very patient and understanding. He would explain why things worked unlike what I used to get from Parella "just do it my way"
    Once I started training with Sifu Steve I realized that Parella was just a circus act
    with a few parler tricks. September 22, 2002 Sifu David Ross and Sifu Stephen Innocenzi. were witnesses to my Baai Si by Sifu Steven Ventura.

    Here's more proof that Parella is a slime, did I just say slime I meant to say snake. Anyway at Chan Tai San's funeral he was trying to promote himself. Later on we had a lunchen in his memory and he brought info he was trying to sell to us. Some weaponry
    and other material. I know we were all put off by that. Remember a snake may shed
    its skin, but it's still a snake.
    Why did I decide to write this down, well because enough is enough. I keep hearing all this nonsense and I thought I would clear the air.

    Yes I am a Certified Sifu who is part of the Chan Tai San lineage. I am very passionate about what I teach and in keeping the art alive. I will not get into any debates about this and will not answer any further. If anyone wants to question my abilities, lets meet on the mat!
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd dddddd What does this have to do with anything?

    Oh, How the hell do you misspell your own name?
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    I gave up after "Time"

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    At the very least he needs to provide a link to the thread in which this matter was previously discussed.

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    What the **** are you talking about you mad bastard?
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    Sounds like Rafel was a hard learner.

    How many times does a snake have to bite you before you learn to leave it alone?

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    You read that ****?

    All I saw was "Meet me on the Mat" and deemed it a rant and unreadable.

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    I read it, but I'm a glutton for punishment.

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    Damn, Fake's avatars are getting more awesome everytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungryjoe
    I read it, but I'm a glutton for punishment.
    Thanks, now it looks bad if I don't read it.


    Okay, I read it. It is stupid lineage ****. I'm going to move it soon.

    Sifu "Rafel" likes Sifu Gus and doesn't like Sifu Parella Paralla or, however he wants to spell the other Sifu's name.

    You will never get the whole story because, KFM deletes multiple threads. No, I'm not taking sides just saying many threads disappear.

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