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    wing chun
    re the ground and pound clip
    that clip is as much representational of mind set as oppoosed to techniques for being in someones guard
    steve teaches body mechanic and fundamentals as opposed to spoon feeding guys from a set menu of techniques
    he gives you the way of working it out for yourself
    as for he looks technically terrible,you are so way off the mark
    i have never met anyone or seen anyone who can strike as hard and as fast as steve .trust me if he was punching you ,you would be trying to get the **** away from him ,not keep him in guard
    what he is teaching is the pinnacle of martial arts ,no bullshit ,no frills ,no esoteric hyperbole just the right tools and the right mindset to do the job
    steves knowledge is just staggering,his grasp and understanding of how the body works and how to use it the best way is unsurpassed
    read everything he has to say and it will help you enormously
    use your heads
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