Oddly enough, it was my curiosity of Frank Dux and his claims of martial arts greatness that brought me to this site and..."the light". Basically for all the idiots that think he is some sort of martial arts superman, there are those like me who decide to look at things in a critical eye.

I think it's good that this horse won't die. It means that it will get out there enough so that more people will look at it with a critical eye. Eventually, he will screw up in such a way that others will be able to expose him through and through to the point that he will finally have to cop to everything.

Also, as for him pointing to his trail as vindication of his claims, since it is public record, it can be used to refute his counter claims as well. I know that was done in the Bullshido
Frank Dux Megathread. Maybe its time to break that thread out again.