So I said i would review after I went to class. Not entirely certain what there is to review - if anyone has been to a Judo course on a college before, I'm fairly certain that they are pretty uniform. The only thing to really look at would be the qualifications of the instructor, which you can see on his webpage.

I feel that he is knowledgeable and approachable. Never heard of Jigo Jutsu before, so if anyone would like to comment on that, I'd be all ears.

The aliveness is good - we were shown some basic control positions on the ground, and then asked to try and get out of them. So light contact on the second day, but with resistance.

The equipment is pretty much bring your own. The mats are there and there seems to be a dingy punching bag in the corner. Other than that it's up to you.

The gym is large enough to hold the mats, and certainly large enough for our class size, but I wouldn't want to run a business with that size room. Being part of a larger facility, there are weight rooms, lockers, a pool, etc. that any college gym would have, so that might bump the rating up a bit, but the dedicated Judo area is small and serviceable.

There's about 8 in the class, so the time you have with the instructor is plenty and personal. The attitude so far is that of an entire class of new students, with one yellow belt from a nearby dojo and who took the class last year. So friendly, unsure about each other, little awkward getting into mount or north-south position.

Striking is nil so far, with little expectation of it getting more than very rudimentary basics - it's Judo! Grappling should go without question as being the focus and top-notch. Also contains no weapon practice.

The first half of class was excersize/warm-up, and explaining a bit about the class expectations and curriculum. The second half was on this day ground positions, falling from a crouch and ukemi, and a bit of a cool-down talk. I'm excited and will keep people posted.