EDIT: sorry about the Title typo I don't do English good.

In Australia at the moment acute Bronchitis has been going around like crazy at the moment (I realise its nothing serious). So anyway I got it almost 4 weeks ago, went to see the doctor, she said I'd be fine to train in about a week and a half, a week and a half later I went to see my usual doctor just to get a second oppinion after get conjunctivitis aswell. She said I'd be fin e for training the week following that.

So about a week later I was feeling better and decided to hit up training. I was fine that night and up until about half way through the next day when I start feeling terrible seems as if maybe the excercise just made things worse.

SO I came here to ask not medical questions (those are for my GP), I came to ask what all your oppinions are on the best way to ease back into training and remedies. Any advice would be much appreciated as I just missed the second last BJJ tournament of the year and I really want to train hard for the next one, even though I am a mere whitebelt.