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    Quote Originally Posted by KidSpatula
    Now I can understand being annoyed with TKD people, but c'mon now. It's a bit juvenile to have so much attitude when getting together with people to spar. The TKD guy is being a jerk himself and obviously treating this sparring session like a fight (the dude is swinging for the fences), but you would be served by focusing more on really working. Being nonchalant during a sparring session isn't really helping you or or your sparring partner.
    I think the "handwork" is just a result of him not knowing any better. I mean it is apparent that he has little to none experience when it comes to boxing and using his guard so he tries "as hard as he can" to keep his ground in this department.
    Is this bad? sure. Can you blame him? maybe, depends on what the rules for this match were. (I am not sure because of the two take downs and he kicked to the head but did not try to land anything etc. it looked a little bit strange, not a real sparring but not a light sparing I don't know)

    And I don't know why you are picking on the guy, he showed up, he did ok ,within his limits,(and I am not saying this from a MMA perspective but a TKD one) and this should be all that matters. He could be a real ass and kicked you all over the place (you really invited him to do so) but he didn't either because of the rules, or because of his lack of skill (his technique was off, even from a TKD perspective).
    Sometimes you lose and sometimes the other guy wins.

    At this point I don't owe anybody an explenation.

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    Khun Kao - thanks again for the advice. this whole issue was merely a vague point of interest for me. fortunately, my training will not revolve around my next encounter with im as I'm busy preparing for my next fight (whenever that may be...).

    Goju - yeah, I'm pretty embarrassed with myself that he was able to explode from under my side control, I was hoping nobody would mention that... damn you. I have no excuse for that, it should have been done but it wasn't.

    Kidspatula - yeah, I got a bit defensive and started arguing the most extreme case I could think of in terms of defensive covering. Fatigue shouldn't be a reason for anything, but I'm out of shape as my academy has been packed up in a truck for the past month moving to a new location.

    I'm pretty much done with this whole thing, thanks again everyone for your input.

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