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Thread: How to get in.

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    Q: How do I get into the UFC?

    A: Fighting in the UFC requires years of training and fighting experience. If you think you've got what it takes, send a VIDEO TAPE of your fights, and a short bio to:

    UFC Fighter Info
    Attn: Sean Shelby
    PO Box 26959
    Las Vegas, NV 89126

    DO NOT send anything that does not include a video tape.

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    You'd be more likely to get into K-1. You need to get a good record and a descent amount of wins. Then make friends with some pro's that fight in the organization. Then when a fighter gets hurt or drops out the ORgs ask around if anoyne knows someone who will fight. Most top level fighter won't risk a loss on thier record but it's a good oportunity for a new fighter to get their foot in the door.

    Thats how Pride/UFC get a ton of thier new fighters.

    I hear their's a lot of politics in K-1 though.

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