I'd like to clarify a little about Don and West Coast as someone who actually knows the story...1 Don left Megaton originally cause he lived in Maple Ridge, and the club was in Richmond. 2 he attended a seminar with Royce, who gave him a purple belt that he never wore, out of respect for Marcus whom he was training with at the time, and who awarded him the purple that he wore for years. As for Don leaving Marcus I can tell you 100% it wasn't for any kind of belt, or any kind of ill feelings towards Marcus. He left because from his first time visiting Brazil after he walked into De La Riva's and saw the style, smoothness, and technical Jiu Jitsu he was hooked. Lastly Don trained BJJ consistently for 12 years before receiving his black belt, and his Jiu Jitsu Speaks for itself. He placed 2nd at the Pan's in purple, and 3rd at the Pans in the brown belt absolute.

Don is a very open guy, if anyone wants to know anything simply ask him. Marcus's story is likely much different simply because he is bitter West Coast left, bitter that Don has taken over running many local tournaments (because Marcus did a poor job) and bitter that our MMA and BJJ team is so successful. Marcus is a legend in the community, and a pioneer of BJJ in Canada and as such will always have my admiration and respect. No one at West Coast thinks otherwise, we harbor a training atmosphere of respect for all teams...by the sounds of some of the posts on here, its not the same at Carlson Gracie team.

As for the MCdojo comments...Anyone is MORE than welcome to stop by any of our 4 gyms and see for themselves how legit our guys are. Our Jiu Jitsu speaks for itself, as does our success in both BJJ and MMA competition. There's a reason we are now the biggest team on the West Coast, and why we constantly have higher rank guys, and fighters from other gyms making the jump to train with us.