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    Stone Warrior Combat Sports

    It is a great small school located about 20 miles west of Nashville. They have two USA boxing Certified coaches, two Chinese Kickboxing coaches, a Muay Thai Coach and a former Illinois State Champion as the Wrestling coach, and a former Division I wrestler and 4 stripe Purple belt under Shawn Hammonds with over 900 grappling matches for a BJJ coach.

    They have a nice facility with a boxing ring, plenty of heavy bags, one on one training, with focus mitts and Thai pads. They put you through a grueling conditioning workout.

    I know they have a few multiple time champs in Kick boxing and boxing, and put a lot of emphasis into conditioning and sparring.

    You can contact the owner of the gym at (615)426-7930

    Great coaches, great students, and a excellent work ethic demanded by the coaches.Anyone wanting to up their game in Striking, definitely needs to go here, and anyone who wants to improve their wrestling, the coach Toby Willis, owner of RPW, is awesome...
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