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That's cool man, how long ago, I would probably know him.

In the defence of "ninjukai", it has fantastic facilities for the price you pay. AUD $66 dollars per month, Gym area, lots of heavy bags, lots of open mat time 3pm - 8pm.

They do after one to two years also encourage hard contact continuous sparring, randori, and very limited wrestling.



(from the website)

"Ninjukai Taijutsu is different. Ninjukai Taijutsu is a living thing. It is a discipline that has no boundary and is infinite. Because it is alive, it is constantly in a state of fluidity and flow. Like flowing water, it continually blends in with its environment. It understands that no living thing can be a thing unto itself; it needs to strike a relationship and be in accord with its environment. So, Ninjukai understands that techniques per se are really of not much use unless we can see the relationship they need to cultivate with the environment"

"What is the syllabus, you may ask? How do we train our students? There are times when we are quite reluctant to use the word training, because it seems to imply a certain rigidity in approach and a methodised overview. Rather than use the word 'train', 'experience' would be more appropriate"

Has anyone read the posts by shhhhhhhhh?

After four years I just couldn't buy into this stuff any more.

Like I said, I am quite happy with my training regime, BJJ is great, and my MT instructor is trying to iron out the "ninjerisms" in my striking.:ninja7:
my mate stopped doing ninjukai about 6 years ago maybe a bit longer. He would have been about 14 when he stopped and his name is Anthony, as for the other guy i can't remeber his name lol, but he stopped going about 2-3 years ago.

Yea i've read the posts by shhhhh and that **** really does not work in reality, nor does it make much sense to me either.