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    Solo drills for Muay Thai

    hey guys,

    so right now im off school for the summer holidays, and i go to muay thai classes quite a few times in a week.
    so i was wondering, what drills could i do by myself to improve my ability in muay thai, i unfortunately not had the time to purchase a heavy bag, so i need some other training tools or methods that you guys use.

    i have a double end bag, and a slip bag, but i need to know what else i could do by myself

    thanks guys
    the help is very much appreciated

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    Ask your coach. If you go to MT several times a week you should probably be resting or running.

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    Going by your style field which has 3 styles i'd say take it easy or you will overtrain. If you are only training MT right now then just do some shadowboxing, interval sprints, pushups, ab work on the off-training days. There is a footwork solo drill (almost like a kata) i've been shown but i don't feel qualified to tell you about it since i'm not an instructor.

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    Do high repetition punchs like jab/cross one hundred times, walking the elbows foward,Alternating teeps in the air for high repetition, teep with a slight push off the back leg to advance, alternating just tapping a wall or pole, use the slight push off the back go forward then back,
    Doing roundikcks sweeping over a chair so you get that sweeping action/cutting ction, walking knees alternating knees left then right just like walking forward, do knees in one spot driving up left and right one after the other(go for time: maybe 3 mins of this). work combinations like teep, jab, cross, rear roundkick.....Do alot of jump roping, starting with 5 mins, then 10 mins, then 15 mins, then shadow box, then work the above techs. Theres alot right there to work with.


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