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    Sharkey's Karate Studio

    I came to this school 5 years ago while looking for a new place where my kids could train. I was watching a kids' class, being led by one of the chief instructors when Sensei Sharkey came out of the office and watched a 12 year old working is self defense, poorly I migh add, and began to comment "You little freak do it right and do it hard. I know you can do better than that." Right then I knew this was the place to be. Sensei Sharkey, along with his instructors are not daycare attendees. They are coaches and do not cut people slack for "just trying". They push the students into doing it right or keep doing it until they get it right.

    Classes run, for the most part Monday-Sunday. Adult classes are Mondays and Wednesdays with a weapons class on Saturday. Adult classes will have between 10-15 students on a busy night with 2-3 instructors or assistant instructors to work with them Kids classes are Monday-Thursday for regular karate class & Saturday-Sunday for sport karate training. Busy nights will see 15-25 kids in a class, with 3-4 instructors or assistant instructors work with them.

    Class curriculum will consist of forms, both traditional and competition forms(adults learn bunkai to forms), self-defense (kids begin learning compliant sets adults do both compliant and freestyle), sparring is light-medium contact for both point and continuous (2 - 3 minute rounds are the average), and weapons both traditional and competition weapons. The classes will run about 30 minutes for Lil Sharks (ages 4 & 5) 45 minutes for the kids 6 and older and 1 hour for adults. All classes are taught by a black belt instructor.

    Prices for classes will range from $115.90 (1 year agreement) to $142.00 (6 month agreement) for the first family member. Each additional immediate family member is only $50.00 extra a month. We also offer discounts for 1 time payments. There are no limit to how many classes you can take per week.

    Overall Cons:
    - Sparring is not sufficient. When it is running, it is a good work out however, sparring is not pushed very much especially to the little kids.
    - Being that it is a competition school, there are times when the weekend classes are canceled due to tournaments
    - Though it is an elite training center for sport karate competitors, the decor looks worn down and lacking

    Overall Pros:
    - Elite training center for those who wish to excel in sport karate (5 World Champions and countless National Champions come from the school, voted #1 Sport karate team in 2006 along with #1 Sport Karate Coach)
    - School is ran like a school not a business.
    - Tests are strict meaning that if you don't do you test correctly, you will fail and will have to retake the test
    - Seperate ranks for kids and adults
    - Average adult black belt has over 10 years experience
    - Many instructors have previous experience in other arts
    - Prices are competitive especially when adding extra family members
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