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    Quote Originally Posted by tao.jonez View Post
    Nothing will come of this. Guaranteed.
    Since the tragi-comedy-drama-farce has been going on close to a year now, I think you are safe in your guarantee.
    Mushi mo atsui hodo

    Originally Posted by chuey
    ...Well **** if that isn't the most anti-Mr. Miyagi **** I have heard in ages.

    Two wrongs don't make a right, but
    Three rights make a left.

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    I think it'd be awesome if this "gusmano" guy is just a troll and provokes the OP into challenging the real Frank gusmano to a fight in front of everyone.

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    -YAWN- Let's move on here. Yeah he's a douche, yeah he's a liar, yeah he's never going to show up.

    What-the-****-ever. It's not like he's an instructor duping anybody for money or anything. Funnily enough, I got a myspace request awhile back from some cute girl with a msg along the lines of "UGGH!! I hate frank too!!!", I guess some girl who works with him at his new job and also finds him to be a huge horrendous insufferable dumbass.

    But just to re-iterate: what-the-****-ever. Let's go pick on the bushido knights or something...
    "This is why we are here. Because the Martial Arts for too long have been cloaked in an unnecessary level of secrecy bordering on mysticism, and its in these shadows that the cockroaches love to hide. -Phrost"

    Quote Originally Posted by Squerlli
    And of course, our resident hard man, underground fighter, kitten rescuer, loving father (I'm serious), and over all very sexy furry ************... Budo monkeh.

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