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    I compete seriously, and as of late I've been boxing out of southpaw if I actually want to box. If I want to strike and shoot, I've been going orthodox. Still undecided thus far, the awesomeness that is switch hitting is just so appealing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaTrocity
    I don't see what the boner is about switching stances anyways, Frankly it's not tricky or cool. It's just an awesome way to ensure your own mediocrity.
    I have a friend that is an old school boxer who would say just the same thing. Look what happened to Marvin Hagler- he tried to do all that swtchy stuff and lost a fight to Leonard he could have won. I can see if your doing TKD or Krotty, you may want to switch sides for some kicks, but if you're fighting someone really good, you probably want to get really good on your strong side.
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    I'm a bit late here, but I'm almost in the same boat. I'm right-handed, but my dad's left-handed so I learned to do some things left-handed. I prefer punching southpaw but I prefer kicking orthodox. I still fight orthodox anyway. Strange thing.
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