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    Lesnar vs Herring*spoiler

    I cant really figure out the game of Herring although ive seen much of his fights, he have this ton of experience kinda thing, but have really a terrible Techniques and havent really imrpoved his game, its only his conditioning that have improved, I mean Lesnar was just hanging out,showing no threat of any submissions or really technique to finish off Herring but Herring for some reason doesnt have anything to turn that fight around, IMO any HWs who have any kind of techincal plan to either Stand up strikes or Submissions can easily beat Lesnar on that fight, anyway I hope they can put Kongo vs Lesnar next, cause it seems confidence has got into him when he arrogantly push Herring after that 1st round, I hope Kongo can connect a punch on Lesnar for the first time in Lesnar career..the antics of Lesnar during and after that fight really arent necessary, MMA isnt WWE and he should know that

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    Herring was pretty much done once Lesnar landed that huge bomb in the first. It looked like that took the fight out of him and let Lesnar control him the rest of the match.

    Lesnar wasn't trying to finish him because he didn't want to get caught in a sub and lose a match he had in the bag. He pummelled Herring for that entire match though. Herring is most certainly hurting today. If he wasn't such a tough dude he'd have been done but he hung in there and took a horrific beating. He just couldn't get Brock of his back, he's too big and strong.

    You think Kongo would do better? LOL. It would be the same thing minus any intelligent defense on the bottom. Lesnar would almost certainly win by TKO in the first via GNP. He's much faster and more explosive than Kongo. Kongo would be on his back early and there's no way he'd ever get up.

    And dude use some periods or something unless you meant for that to be all one sentence with some random capitals in there for fun.

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    I think Kongo would be a good next matchup for Brock, Kongo has more experience, but his style doesn't match up favorably with what Brock has shown so far. That gives Brock a chance to win, but it wouldn't be as one sided as you believe in my opinion.


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