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    You Can't Win Them All If You Don't Win the First One.

    And I didn't. Greetings, fellow Bullies. A lot has happened since the last time you endured the sartorial splendor of my rapier wit. For starters, I had my first amateur fight in the Sub Zero Fighting promotion in Little Rock, Arkansas, which I managed to lose because at about 1:30 in Round One I tried to do three things:
    1. Spin my opponent away from the cage he was pressed into.
    2. Utilize the high single I had secured to put him on the mat.
    3. Pull my neck out of the guillotine grip he had secured as I drove him into the cage and went for his leg.

    Steps 1 and 2 went off without a hitch, Step 3 however.....And to make matters worse my little brother had won his amateur debut with a kimura in two minutes right before I was scheduled to step up. Definitely a glass half empty situation. (Both fights were filmed, and if things work out I will post them here so that you all may mock me.)

    I haven't been on the boards much because I just got a new job at the Louisiana State Prison at Angola (in their legal department, although I will have to go through the Corrections Cadet Training Facility just like my more "Cool Hand Luke" co-workers). The job is interesting, but between it and trying to prepare for my LSATs in October, my free time does not exist.

    Feel free to post any insightful commentary on my fight, biting sarcasm on my fight, or helpful advice on working at the prison that once had the highest murder rate in the nation
    you may have, I can't promise I'll respond but I'll appreciate reading it.

    PS: This is not a leaving the Internet forever post, hopefully once I'm back in law school I'll have more e-acess and can cease using my time in a productive manner to trade barbed comments with you humanoids.

    PPS: If you know of anywhere to find judo, boxing, MMA, Catch wrestling, etc around Angola please let me know, the only places to train I have come up with are the Inmate Boxing Team (Off limits, for obvious reasons) and the "Defensive Tactics" classes offered at the Academy, which focus mainly on pressure points :psyduck: .

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    YouTube - Failure to communicate

    Good Luck with the corrections job.
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    I concede your point about the giant wall of text I just unleashed upon the world, but I decided that since I'm to cheap to buy a supporting membership, I'd help out by the alternative means of concentrating everything that happened since the last time I posted into one verbose, rambling post instead of a whole bunch of short pithy ones, thus saving bandwidth.

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    Not having fought and likely to fight you can throw my words of wisdom out but using your first fight to judge anything, even if you won, would be pointless.

    I would guess it take probably 3 fights before you really know what you are doing and can judge from there.

    but again - like sargeant Schultz 'I know nothing"

    Any ways congrats on doing it.

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    Thanks Goju. I'm actually staying pretty upbeat about the whole thing, considering that guys like John Fitch, Forrest Griffin, and Kimo all lost their first fights. It was a cool experience, and I definitely plan to do it again.

    And it was worth all of it just to have this exchange from with my dad:

    Dad: (examining the after fight shiner I had acquired from the guy dropping an overhand right in my guard) "So, you're a cage fighter now."

    Me: "Yeah, I guess so."

    Him: "Cage won, huh?"

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    **** you, Vince, now even you have made your amateur MMA debut before me. What the ****?

    Props for the effort though, you went in their, did your thing, got smoked, but you're back out OK and looking forward to the next one. That's exactly the right attitude to have, and the good thing about amateur fighting is that your Win/Loss record is completely separate from your pro record.

    Good show. Let me see some of those videos.

    Also, you were in law school? How old are you?
    Quote Originally Posted by Goju - joe
    being a dick with skill is only marginally better than being a dick without skill.

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    I'm not in yet, I have to pass the LSATs and then register with the Law School Review Board, then sacrifice a virgin on the night of the full moon, blah blah blah...but the LSATs in October are first. To answer your question, I'm in my early twenties.

    To be honest, I really think I could have won that fight if I had worked with the cage more (prior to the fight I had sparred in a cage but had not really worked clinching against the cage, so why I decided to drive the cage like the second coming of Couture is still a mystery to me).

    The guy who filmed it for me is supposed to be putting it on youtube, but then he is a film major, thus unreliable, shiftless, and not a fan of regular bathing (which made the 6 hour drive to Arkansas a memorable experience).

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    Well, as someone who will never most likely never fight, good job old bean. I think your main problem was too much of this high falootin' single leggery and not enough powerbombing/DDT'ing.

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    It frightens me that you made such an accurate assesment of the fight without having ever seen video or photos. The thing that disappointed me most upon viewing the fight was not that I fell into the guys guard trying a single leg, not that I tried the incorrect "pull head out" guillotine defense (only hastening my running of oxygen), but that at one point I had PERFECT! positioning for a back suplex and did not take it.

    I actually yelled at my corner people over it, although to be fair one was still trying to stop his nose from bleeding due to injuries sustained in his fight and the other just kept yelling "Hit him! HIT HIM! HIT HIM!"

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    Vince, answer this:

    As you were in the fight, were you thinking of this thread?

    Everytime something note-worthy in my MA world happens, i immediately think of bullshido...

    From someone who's only fighting experience comes from a silly backyard brawl™ (so take my advice for what its not much), i'd say this:

    Hit him. lol. I mean, any opportunity you can safely hit should, IMO. (even if its just a knee to the thigh, or a weak hit to the body during the clinch)


    If something isn't working...give up on it and move to something else. Be fluid, if the single doesn't work, switch to something else. If you spend too much time on one thing, he'll solidify his defenses.

    Anyway, thats what i would say, but i haven't fought anyone with any real skill, so take it for what its worth.

    Congrats on your am debut!

    PROOF that I'm not a completely useless poster:

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    3moose1 is correct. Sig THAT, you fucker.

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    I went out with a delightful young woman who was on a regimen of pills that made her taste of burned onions.
    That is not conducive to passionate cunnilingus, my friend, let me assure you.
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    I agree with moosey

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