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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonewind
    Aikido is a noble peaceful art and can be very powerful because it is so efficient. In Aikido the philosophy is not to resist and this makes sense for what they do. This sparring is not pure Aikido it is a bastardized mess.
    "Pure Aikido" does not work in a fight against non-aikidokas. This has been proven time and time again. At least these guys seem to be trying to add something a little more practical to it.

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    "Pure Aikido" works in a real fight like "Pure Risk, by Milton Bradley" works in real warfare.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcastro
    He screams like a little girl as the pain ripples through his arm, shoots up into his brain, and now your dick is hard.

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    The first video comes off looking more like Hapkido since they are actually striking each other. However, they share the same problem as a lot of Aikido/HKD people in that they obviously don't train from the clinch.

    You see them trying to go for wrist locks and arm bars straight from the clinch which is hard/stupid/impossible instead of using Judo-type throws or foot sweeps that are made for that situation.

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