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    New Paltz Karate Academy

    Traditional Okinawan karate instruction in a beautiful, built-to-suit dojo.

    Medium contact sparring, but we can rough it up with the right people. Foam-dipped gear, mouthpiece, cup. No contact below the belt, no sweeps/clinching, no contact to the headbut "targeting" the head allowed.

    Grappling instruction made it's way into the Isshinryu syllabus via Dale Jenkins, 1st dan judo instructor before starting karate, included in the curriculum since. Tachiwaza taught, but newaza randori only.

    Full contact padded weapons sparring with bo, escrima, suruchin, spear and shield, 3-section staff. Headgear and handpads, cup, mouthpiece. Weapons kata and kumite is for high kyu ranks and above.

    Heavy bag, traditional Okinawan makiwara posts, nigirigame, Wing Chun dummy, jumpropes, gloves & gear to borrow till you get your own.

    Lineage: Tatsuo Shimabuku -> Don Nagle -> Dale Jenkins -> Salvatore Musco -> Maurey Levitz (head instructor)

    Very friendly, inclusive place. People have a good attitude, work hard, are involved in dojo projects. Has a great student/teacher ratio despite often large classes by having several assistant instructors in most classes, and after every set of classes (7 days a week, twice on Sundays) everyone stays for an hour or two of soda, water, juice and beer. There are a variety of instructors and instructor styles.

    Classes are separated by age for 5-8, 9-12, teen/adult, and 16+. Classes held every day. They've been in New Paltz since 1992.
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