I need 4 fighters for our sept 13th show, I Know 6 weeks isn't a ton of time to train, but we lost 3 guys in the last week to injury.

I need 1 170 lber, (opponent has 0 fights)

I need 1 190 lber (opponent has 0 fights)

I need 1 200 lber (opponent has 0 fights)

I need 1 160 lber (opponent is 0-2)

all fights have been pre-sponsered so if we don't fill them we lose $250 a bout to our charity.

We are raising $$ for Marissa Strock, a young girl who lost her legs while fighting in Iraq.

the show is located 30 miles south of albany, 3 hours from NYC, 3 hours from Boston, 1 1/2 from conneticut, 1 hour from southern Vermont. Great place to start, small smoker bouts.

I need to here from you A.S.A.Pif you are interested.

call 518-872-9239 (Rev jc)

or (518)-488-1865,

We have a few other weights as well!