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    Barnett confronts Aleks


    Barnett confronts Aleks and Alek's behind the scene in the weigh ins and medical checkup...I still think Aleks will KO Barnett if Barnett shoose to stand withhim as he did with Rizzo and Aleks has been good in his Takedown defense lately so it will be a different story if ever theyll rematch

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    The potential for mischief if you were acting as translator between two world class heavyweights with a grudge would be almost too much to pass up.

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    Aleks looked a like a schoolyard kid being scoled and bullied by a bigger guy but looking around for a large stick to whack in in the head all the same!

    And yes I would probably mess my translation skill and provoke an all out brawl, supermario meele type of highlight reel fight in that locker room!

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    Pretty crappy translation... from what I took from it, the translator was saying that Josh was just upset about internet rumors, and not what Aleks said in the interview.

    I'd like to see that rematch though, but I honestly don't think Josh wants to take it.

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    You guys know they fought already eh?

    Cool, Gary Goodridge is there. He's a cool guy.
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    ****This is where all started, in Aleks sherdog interview******


    Sherdog: On whether there are losses he would like to avenge:

    Aleks Emelianenko: Yes, yes there are. But all those people at this point in time … . We offered for me to fight Barnett now, and they don’t want to. We were sitting down together, and I said let’s fight. And he said I don’t want to fight you, you’re an insane fighter.

    Last time when we fought I was ill. I’ll explain. I came out to fight with a temperature. I had a temperature of 98.6. The doctors didn’t want to let me fight. In my life, the grand prix was by far the most important competition. And I had to fight, was obligated to fight. And they didn’t want to let me go into the ring. And so the organizers were called, and that’s why I tried to beat Barnett early, and then couldn’t and lost by submission.

    I don’t think of it as a loss. I think that I shouldn’t have competed. Why shouldn’t I have competed? Because. Losing, I’m not scared of losing. Everyone thinks that I showed a good, beautiful fight. And that I beat and beat him. And now he refuses to fight me. Or is asking for crazy money to do it. And of course the organizers think that Barnett isn’t worth that kind of money. Why pay him such money? So that he can lose? And he himself, knows perfectly well that he’d lose. And so that’s why he is refusing to fight me.

    From Josh Barnett blog:

    Aleksander Emelianenko must have hit something mighty powerful to think I am afraid of fighting him. The only offer I ever had to fight him was the one time I did fight him...and I won. His version of asking for a rematch is doing so in a locker room after beating Bobish while I visited his brother. "Sure we can fight. Why not for free even, I mean who does this to make money right!?" He's not an "insane" fighter. He's just delusional.

    He thinks I have been "running" from him because "I know I will lose". He says he lost because he had a, and I am not making this up, a temperature of "98.6". No, he doesn't mean Celsius because his organs would have cooked off like fireworks at the kind of heat (208.6C). Go back to rapping about....**** who cares!? Have you heard that ****!?

    I was asked if I would fight him in this Affliction event and I said "In a heart beat". Ask Tom or Todd. I will walk up to him when I see him next and let him know too. You will never beat me. I will fight you anytime and you will lose again. You can make all the excuses you want but when they're picking up what's left of you the proof will be for all to see...splattered all over the ring.

    ****That eventually led to that confrontation***


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