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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomsaw
    Yeah that is rough but honestly what other option is there. I mean its not as if Heroin addicts are worried about their health so why should the rest of society worry. I mean it is a valid point that its better to have them addicted to something they can get for free than robbing people to get their Heroin.
    In the 50s in the UK we just used to prescribe heroin for them. Much simpler, fewer side effects and hugely lessened social fallout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatherdog
    In addition it's also used for management of chronic pain, because it's cheaper than most other opiates that are effective for it, and dependence is easier to manage.
    That is fairly accurate. The combination of a very long acting opiate such as methadone with a short-acting opiate for break-through pain is becoming more standard in certain pain patient populations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer
    My doctor friend had the same conclusion. Irvin might have been addicted to the Oxymorphone (for pain), and was using Methadone to get off the Oxymorphone. This is a sad story, James Irvin will need a great deal of support from his friends and family.
    Probably [hopefully] not the case unless the methadone administration was supervised. The problem with giving somebody that is addicted to oxymorphone a drug like methadone is that the latter takes much longer than the former to have an effect, and if the addict is not getting the results [or high] that they are expecting, they are likely to take more. The problem with methadone is that when you find out that you have taken too much, it is usually far too late to intervene.

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    He needs to cold turkey that **** in a hospital. Methadone is like putting a band aid on a knife wound. IT sucks, having kicked myself, without a hospital, etc, but I'll tell you what, you won't want to start back up after going through prolonged withdrawal. The reason the Hollywood types keep getting re addicted is that they never go through all the symptoms.
    Try vomiting for a few weeks and having anxiety attacks, etc. You don't want to go through that twice.

    Also, if he is in such pain that he has to take that **** to get through training, maybe a year break would be in order, like Frank Shamrock. I know Frank just lost, but still, the year or two rest prolonged his career.
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