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    How's this for a good deal?

    I'm not 100% sure what forum this thread is meant to go in, so feel free to move it, but I just got this email from my BJJ instructor when I asked him to recommend me a gi (I've just started BJJ).


    You can choose your colour, it doesn't matter which one you have. I would recommend that you not go for pink, but other than that its up to you. I can get you one for $90 but you will have to buy patches @ $20 each. You can take your time getting them though. I will talk to my mate who has the $90 gis this week if you'd like.

    Also, check out Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz on youtube. They are both great allround fighters and are about your height. Diaz fights at 78kg and Silva fights at 84kg.

    Don't know how your dad would feel about coming in to train with you but it is a great thing for fathers and sons to do together. It was my dad who first got me into bjj and mma. If you train together he may be more agreeable to helping you out with fees.

    In Brazil trainers often offer free training to mma fighters in return for a percentage of their winnings when they start to fight for dollars. If you are serious about fighting mma professionally I am happy to work something like this out with you. The way it would work is you would pay for the group classes and I would throw in a private at a time when it suits the two of us. Privates are the best way to progress quickly and get training specific to mma. let me know how you feel about it. MMA is a tough sport and takes alot of dedication but if you are keen I am happy to help.

    Also attached is a copy of the Gracie diet and a basic circuit workout. The diet is about living longer and feeling better but it also increases energy levels and stamina as well as preventing sickness. The circuit may be too basic for you but try it a couple of times and I can give you the next level when you're ready. Any questions about either let me know. See you on the mat.


    I mean, to me this just seems like the sweetest deal ever. Is it often that you guys would have an instructor so devoted and willing to improving someone that 1.) he has just met who 2.) is a complete noob at their art?
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    Well, it was qualifed based on a good time for both of you, so I imagine that he's throwing the offer out and if you are serious and demonstrate your seriousness in group classes that he'd set up privates for you.

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    This is how pro-fighters pay their trainers. Are you a pro fighter that is going to9 fight for money? No, then this doesn't apply to you.


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