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    Elite XC cage rage 27 *spoylers maby*

    I just saw Elite XC and since I dont follow that stuff I was AMAZED at the idiots they let in that octagone!!! Is Elite XC under Zuffa, btw?
    The first bout was between some fat /literaly, beer gut and all/ bjj guy and some polish guy who claims to do mma, but his striking was the shittyest stuff I've seen since, well the las WT video ir somthing. The big prison style tatoo guy ACTUALY PUT HIS HANDS UP WHEN HE GOT MOUNTED! Like WTF, how can he claim to be an MMA guy and do that noob ****? They both had WORSE CARDIO THAN MINE /and I run just 1 mile a day/! The Tall IDIOT had no answear to the takedowns except for holding on to the cage like a lil' bitch. 3rd round MORE CRAPPY STRIKING and it aaaall ended in a BIG FAT sweaty hug.

    I couldn't watch any more so I leave you to review the rest or at least point me to a thread that delt with it, because I couldnt find one.

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    Most of the people on this forum seem to agree that EliteXC sucks. They are not under Zuffa. Next time you post please spell correctly and keep fonts the same size. The things you put in caps aren't exactly important.


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