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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Miracleman
    I think there are actually some Muay Thai schools that denote rank by using colored armbands...
    I habeeb you am refering to Americanized schools or how in Thailand trainers/gym owners that have very good ability to produce fighters het some type of rank. Like how many champs, weight class's, etc... I'm pretty sure though that authentic Thai schools don't give belts (not to say the ones that do suck, I've just never actually seen one).

    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaTrocity
    I'm a purple belt in muay thai. No ****.
    Purple belt is acceptable. So is gold belt. Sometimes rainbow.

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    Heaps of gyms in Australia use ranking systems for Muay Thai, including — as far as I know — JWP's gym and the gym Soren trains out of. It's not my personal preference for training, but it definitely doesn't necessarily = McDojo (McGym? Burger Gym? Whatever). Obviously most don't use belts — usually coloured singlets, prajiets, hand-wraps, badges or whatever — but same diff.

    As was mentioned, Contender Asia has been playing in Aus in primetime on one of the most popular cable stations, and it hasn't made a heap of difference to the local scene — possibly some more newcomers, but that's about it.

    Given there's only one American on the show and he's not one of the stronger competitors (and he cries a lot, from memory), I can't see it having a TUF-esque impact in the States.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squerlli
    P.S. Ming, your student is HAWT!
    she's not my student, she's my training sister (we both learned from the same teacher.)

    i was her primary trainer for her last fight though.
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