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    Open mats in NYC?

    I've been lucky so far this summer in being able to train with Columbia's bjj club for free. But Columbia just gutted their wrestling room in a renovation project, and I'm really jonesing for somewhere to roll. My coach and several of my friends train at Renzo's, but this late in the summer it doesn't seem feasible to join up, as I'll be back in Boston by mid to late August. Does anyone know anywhere that has an open mat policy for grappling? I'm happy to pay mat fees, I just can't sign a contract right now. No gi would be preferable, but I'll take what I can get. Thanks for your help.

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    Fight House. We have throwdowns there where it's $12 a head for a section of the room + Boxing ring, but if you wanted to go down with a friend or two, I'm not sure what they would charge just to get a piece of mat.

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    Second for the fighthouse.

    It's 12 bucks a head. If you go down there during the day you should have no trouble getting space to roll, possibly even rolling on the patch of mats already set up.

    Peggy runs the joint and she's very nice and helpful. Its a good place to find space to do your thing.

    Also reccomended is that you shell out the extra few dollars to use the showers after you roll. I've know a couple friends to pick up ringworm there. Its a problem everywhere, though, so make sure you wash up after.
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    As above.

    Edgar and Peggy have always been great in their service to the martial community.

    Hells Bells - in further consideration....THAT is the kind of martial sanctuary I would hope to oneday own.

    VERY worth the trip.


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