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    Black Belt Magazine (I swear I don't normally read BBMag) did an article on the Keysi (sp?) Fighting Method (KFM) that supposedly Christian Bale and Heath Ledger trained in for work in Batman The Dark Knight. Does anyone have any experience with this training? They made it sound like realistic, no movement except one that is functional and practical type training. However from what it looks like in the movie it looks like typical Batman moves. Sweeping arm movements, lots of downward elbow strikes (good set up to shoot daggers from your forearm armour). Really cool hardcore Batman combat, but not really functional in my opinion. Just curious if KFM has popped up anywhere outside of Hollywood or if it is just a theatrical thing.
    Do a search, we had a long and reasonably good thread on the Keysi method when it was being touted after the release of Batman Begins. IMO, just by what I've sen in their demo clips, it's a decent method. It definitely isn't just theatrical, but I agree that it lends itself well to being souped up a bit for screen action, especially for the Batman series.

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    How often did your mother drop you on your head?

    Only once that I am aware of, but I don't remember much after that. :5blindfol

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