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    Do you do any sandbag work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LI GUY 1
    Are you holding the bar correctly? The bar should be resting on your fingertips with your wrist fully flexed back, your elbows pointing as high and forward as possible, so that the bar rests in your shoulders. You actually should not have to grip the bar to squat it.

    I find that gripping the bar with a fist requiresthe bar to be slightly forward and puts more strain on the back. Also, maybe try not sitting into the squat so much as in a traditional squat.

    Lastly, I see a tendency to let the elbows drop as people descend in the lift causing the bar to roll forward which ensures it will be almost impossible to get ou of the hole.
    Ah no, I lack the flexibility required for a oly style front squat... and getting into position to squat it up from a pair of sawhorses is quite a task. So either I use straps to keep the elbows up or I revert to the bbuilder front squat variation.

    It has to be squatting off the sawhorses (which makes me start almost ass to the ground) that's getting a bit too much for my back right now. I just measured the bar's distance from the ground from the sawhorses, and it might just be the right height to lift it zercher style.
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