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    Arnis at WMAC KL

    There is an arnis class being offered at World Martial Arts Center in Kuala Lumpur. They refer to the classes as arnis, or philippine double sticks. Their website is at http://www.wmackl.com

    The class is being taught by Mark Koh, who makes everybody call him Master Mark. He is ranked as either 5th or 6th dan in WTF TKD, and I don't even know if that qualifies as a Master level instructor.

    Mark dresses the students up in black gis, and white belts, and has them twirling sticks in the air, and I didn't see any partner drills while I was watching the class. When I went over there, and told him I'd done some FMA before, he denied it being arnis, and said they were teaching "taekwondo short stick". Sure they were... At least he admitted that he had never done arnis before. However, they are still marketing it as arnis at least 8 months after my visit!

    Last I heard, he's also teaching kickboxing classes there. I'd bet that its taekwondo with a few more punches thrown in.

    If you live in Malaysia, stay away from this place. If you're visiting Malaysia, go over for a good laugh.
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    RE: Phony Wing Chun Master in Malaysia

    There is also another guy who claimed to be Grandmaster of Wing Chun, giving the public a false image to sign up for his class. His name is Brandon Chan.

    He claimed to be under the Malaysian Yip Kin Wing Chun lineage but I already double confirm with the Yip Kin lineage guys that he did learnt for only 6 months before his Sifu passed away. Not even complete the 2nd form. Thereafter, he is proclaimed the Grand Master.

    Recently, he went to Hong Kong to learn under Ip Chun and claim to teach the Ip Chun Wing Chun after a few trips. As far as I know from here , he is not even under the certified instructor name list.

    Please beware of this guy as I heard cases where thousands of dollars spent from students to get instructorship under Ip Chun lineage for only 2 - 3 months.

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    WMAC close down already, hahahhaha
    Also Mark Koh was a victim of a slash incident


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