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    Mike Dolce/A class act.

    So today I was in GI joe's trying on bicycle helmets, with my wife,daughter and brother inlaw and in walks Mike Dolce right past me over to the weightlifting/boxing equipment section. I told my wife and family who he was and the wife say's well go over and say hi. Truthfully, I don't think either one of them believed me! Anyway I pretty much said nah! he probably dose'nt wan't people bugging him while he's out in public.(yep chickened out!) So I make a joke about how I should go over and challenge him to a wrestling match, wearing my dorky bicycle helmet. So the wife and brother inlaw kind of get a laugh out of it, dareing me to do it so I can get killed in public for their entertainment. Anyway after a few minnutes I look up and he's gone. I did really regret not at least going up and saying hi or something, but to tell ya the truth, from everything I had seen of him on tuf. or tv. he never really seemed to friendly. So I go back to shopping for helmets and I ask my wife how I look in one and she say's great! (lied through her teeth!) my brother inlaw was no more convincing,and my 3 1/2 year old daughter said I looked good but I should get the pink one. So I decided to go find a mirror and look for myself. I walked over to the clothing department to see, and Mike was walking toward me looking right at me! So I looked right at'em and said ya wanna wrestle? He just kind of laughed took a couple of steps back and said no! Anyways I could'nt think of anything cool to say so I offered up a hand shake and said You're Mike Dolce! (yes I know) brilliant! then I asked him if he would walk over and meet my wife,daughter and brother inlaw and he says sure! He introduced himself to all three of them, and talked with all of us for at least 15 minnutes. This guy was really cool! nothing like on tv. He told us how he was training with Quinton Jackson for his fight and how he was almost going to be on the undercard of Irvin vs. Siva but his oppenent (who for the life of me I cant remember!) pulled out. Anyway it was good day! and he made four new fans. I just want to say I have been really lucky! I have got to meet Randy Couter, Nate Quarry, and Josh hayes at fighting events and now Mike Dolce in public, at a Gi Joes (wearing a dorky bike helmet of all things) and every time, these guys treated me and the people around me great! I have heard horror storries of how fans have been treated by NBA and NFL players, but I have nothing but positive things to say about MMA and it's athletes, (especially Dolce)and I felt I just had to say someting to someone, so please excuse the bad grammer and rambling on. sorry if I posted in the wrong forum, please feel free to post it where it belongs if needed. good nite! oh yeah! and I bought the helmet.

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    Paragraphs, my friend, paragraphs.

    Regardless, great story.

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    Yep, great story. Good to hear about your experience.

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    I went to team quest for awhile, every interaction with Mike was a positive one. Everybody seemed to like him.

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    enter key is your friend.


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