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    Alright, here comes the clarifications, then we can get to the meaty bit. Alright, first off, there is no dedicated fight team, but people from the gym fight in competitions about once every few weeks. (See Demico Rogers and Ira Hayes) You can take classes as a kid if you're five foot or over, or if you have someone your size to spar/hold mitts for.

    Aliveness: Pretty good. You spar at the end of every intermediate+ class wearing headgear, a mouthguard, and a cup, sometimes full strength, but not too often, usually around 50-75%.

    The pads are good, the ropes are fine, but my advice to you is to buy gloves, unless, of course you like the feeling of crystallized sweat crunching against your hands with every punch. There's one focus bag and one speed bag, around 8-15 heavy bags, and 14 pairs of rent-a-gloves.

    Gym Size:
    Big, but not way big. There's a ring way in the back, a large wood area for classes, and mats in the corner for BJJ/MMA. Mats also roll out on the wood area.

    Instructor/Student Ratio:
    Not so hot. Usually one instructor to twenty participants, but sometimes people from more advanced classes take less advanced ones for the workouts, so there's a good supply of help for everyone.

    Amazing. Everyone over there is pretty nice, and everyone's willing to help, except for those who can't (me!).

    Good. Boxing taught by Mark Messer, and Muay thai (now renamed to the friendly "eastern kickboxing") taught by Kim Messer. I'm giving it an 8, as I have yet to experience the upper echelons of this training. (but what I've seen is pretty good)

    Just fine. Taught by Joel Burris, who studied under Marcelo Pereira, who studied under Nelson Monteiro, and on and on and on...I'm giving it an 8, as I have yet to experience the upper echelons of this training. (but what I've seen is pretty good)

    For some reason uploads won't work, so I guess you should look at it yourselves.

    Demico Rogers
    http://www.nwfightscene.com/WSCFC.htm (Last fight)

    Kim Messer (Kickboxing Instructor)

    Scott Norton (MMA Instructor)

    Mark Messer (Boxing Instructor)
    It would be nice if anyone could credibility check him, because I can't find anything.
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