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    It really hurts to drink cold water after cheese on toast, it seems to make all the cheese go solid.Cheese on toast is so good though the pain is worth it :D

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    I love fine cheeses, there are two really good cheese shops in Santa Barbara. If you ever get a chance sample some Old Amsterdam or Prima Donna. I can't stop once I get those in my hands.

    As for as in my diet I try to avoid them due to the high fat content. I may include a dash in certain dishes but I aim for once a week or so.

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    Chedda is bedda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeFan
    I love fine cheeses, there are two really good cheese shops in Santa Barbara. If you ever get a chance sample some Old Amsterdam or Prima Donna. I can't stop once I get those in my hands.
    I envy you c'est cheese.

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    There is nothing wrong with cheese. Unless you are morbidly obese and your doctor has instructed you, in no bullshitting ways, that you must drop your cholesterol because your heart's health is pretty fucking shitty, then you shouldn't be avoiding eating cheese... or anything for that matter.

    The key is in moderation. It is one thing to nibble some cheese. It is quite another to eat a fucking 1/4 pound, melted on top of sodium saturated, uber-refried **** every day.

    Also, moderation in your entire diet is also key: Is your entire diet 4-5 days a week made of well balanced meals with plenty of fibrous greens, low fats, good lean proteins, complex carbs that satisfy your nutritional needs and no more, 5-8 meals a day, with little sugars, and with a daily caloric intake that strictly servers your needs (whether to gain, maintain or lose weight), reducing the carb content as you get close to your sleep time and with a sufficiently nutritious breakfast????

    If so, then there is no harm in adding cheese with moderation to your meals, or to pig out once in a while.

    However, if your diet is pretty fucking shitty, cutting on cheese is not the answer. A complete revamp and an understanding of what constitute a good, working diet is what is needed.

    Don't micro-pick **** in your food. Follow the guidelines available in the sticky thread and you'll be fine with cheese and all that good ****.

    Don't devoid yourself of the stuff you like. Learn how to use it without derailing your diet goals.

    So says teh macho. Now go and sacrifice your virgin daughters in the name of nutrition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yohan
    Hell you could probably even get away with eating a fully cheese meal - it's mostly fat and protein and there just isn't anything wrong with fat and protein, it's great for you.
    Full cheese meal = stopped up plumbing. That's one of the main reasons I enjoy it in moderation.

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