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    Quote Originally Posted by maofas
    Do you think this is this the same exact pad as the CS DAT pad you're talking about for $15 less with a different brand name patch sown onto it or is there an actual difference in quality?

    those are the same belly pad with a different brand name patch. get the cheaper one for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by octaviousbp
    I've been a shill for Boon Sport lately. Tune may change after years of wear, but so far it's good stuff. The pad is thick, you can buy two or one piece, and velcro or buckle. I settled on velcro after his vouching for quality, but am a bit worried it will wear-down after a couple years of use. Time will tell.
    Boon sports looks like nice stuff, but unless I couldn't find it on their site, has no prices listed and only does school-sized orders for $500+ worth of stuff, which might have worked a few years ago, but since moving it's just me and a padholding slave for now.

    I'm going to opt for the $29 Ringside. As long as that dome air pad does the job, if it breaks down in 1.5-2 years, **** it, it was only $29.
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    I use one of these- works great. I've taken strikes from big strong guys with it without much trouble.

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